Does obesity cause piles?

Overweight and obesity have a lot of consequence on the health of a person, among them, hemorrhoids are a common illness in them.

What are Hemorrhoids?

The swollen veins in the lower rectum are called Hemorrhoids. The predominant symptoms of hemorrhoids are itching and pain along with rectal bleeding. External hemorrhoids can be felt outside of the anus while the internal ones are hidden.

They are common in adults, especially in overweight or pregnant and also the people whose working style involves sitting for a more extended period.


Symptoms of hemorrhoids:

  • Often rectal bright red bleeding which is painless.
  • Itching or pain in Anus.
  • Swollen tissue around the anus.
  • Difficulty cleaning or leakage of feces post the bowel movement.
  • Due to less intake of fibrous food the hemorrhoids are more common in obese people and other reasons like decreased physical activity.
  • Prevention measures of hemorrhoids are:
  • Increase intake of high fiber food
  • Drink plenty of fluids
  • More consumption of liquid diet


One of the most common causes for Hemorrhoids is constipation, consumption of fiber food is an essential part in preventing and treating hemorrhoids. More consumption of fibrous food will improve the health of the large intestine and softens the stools. Roughage is the best type of insoluble fiber that is significant in treating hemorrhoids.

Insoluble Fibers

Insoluble fibers instead of getting hold onto water help the stools to soften and bulk up. This makes the stool to move quickly through the large intestine reducing the pressure on lower bowel, which makes it less risky hemorrhoid formation.

Soluble Fibers

Consuming soluble fibers will help maintain the low cholesterol levels in blood and regulates body sugars. This fiber helps the exertion of fatty substances.


In the large intestine, the fibers act like a sponge. Constipation could be prevented because they hold water and keep moving the waste. The efficiency of fiber could be increased by consuming enough fluids, at least eight cups of fluids every day,  by increasing the intake of fiber the body will need more liquids to increase roughage and prevent constipation.

Physical Activity

As per the American college of sports medicine, everyone should include minimum 30 mins of physical activity in their day. This will help them to tone their muscles all over the body which consists of the muscles of the intestinal tract.

The time of physical activity doesn’t need to be all at once, but a total amount of time spent throughout the day. For example, 10 minutes climbing the stairs, 15 minutes walking during the day to day activities and five minutes of walking from the parking lot.


The treatment for hemorrhoids starts from relieving from irritation and itching, and this can be treated with sitz bath, doctors may provide with further treatment options like procedures and topical agents.

The most natural ways of avoiding this health problem are by including a high-fiber diet, and drinking a lot of water and staying as active as possible throughout the day.

It’s All about Fiber

  • High-Fiber Foods:
  • Whole-wheat bread
  • Legumes (beans)
  • Bran
  • Popcorn
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits


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