Simple Ways you can prevent hemorrhoids

If a person has hemorrhoids, they have plenty of treatment options at their disposal. Many are advised to not get them in the first place rather than probably getting treated for them.

Swollen, inflamed venous cushions in the anal canal which are occasionally painful and itchy and can also cause bleeding when Hemorrhoids.

1. Go when you need to go:

Many people ignore it, though this sounds like a piece of common-sense advice. If a person delays using the bathroom, the stool gets hard and dry in the bowel, and it makes it hard to pass the stool and develops the risk of increasing hemorrhoids. Never force oneself if there is no bowel movement as they may strain the person. As straining increases the pressure on the venous cushions which will lead to hemorrhoids. In a few cases, straining can also cause external hemorrhoids not only internal.

2. Spend less time in the bathroom.

The seating position on the toilet seat will strain the movement of bowels and also increases the stress on the blood vessels all these will increase the risk of hemorrhoids.

Avoid using a mobile phone in the bathroom especially while sitting on the toilet seat – no browsing Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or playing games. Reading magazines in the toilet is also not a healthy practice because it increases the time of seating on the toilet.

3 Review the diet

To avoid hemorrhoids a person has to drink more water which further makes the stool soft and easy and also avoid the dehydration by making a good diet plan.

Intake of fiber from fruits, vegetables, and a hundred percent whole grains will help avoid the deficiency of fiber in the food. If needed one can get the fiber supplements from the doctor, it would be better to include fiber in the regular diet as it will help avoid constipation, which is a major reason for hemorrhoids. Intake of water should be proportionally increased with the intake of fiber because the fiber without water causes hard stool.

The bowel moves slower in some people who have ‘slow transit constipation’. These people may experience the worst constipation with the intake of excess fiber.

People should also observe the hints thrown out by the body and avoid the foods that may irritate bowels.

4. Get moving

Spending a decent time on exercises helps to avoid many digestive and bowels issues, which may further lead to hemorrhoids. Lack of physical activity will slow down bowels too.

Choosing an active lifestyle by including jogging, brisk walk, yoga, biking. This will help to avoid dry stool and constipation by keeping the waste move through the intestinal tract.

Avoiding excessive like heavy-duty, squats, weight-lifting and any exercises that put pressure on the abdominal area. If a person is having hemorrhoids or trying to prevent them, they must avoid these exercises.

5. Consult a doctor:

Get the symptoms evaluated by a doctor if the symptoms change and then the bleeding increasing. A person needs an assessment to rule out other diseases as not all hemorrhoid treatment options are surgical.

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