Surgery or Laser treatment for piles?

Hemorrhoids are commonly known as piles that are swollen blood vessels in the lower rectum as well anus and are abnormally engorged. During defecation slip out of place causing bleeding and rupture. A person’s daily lifestyle is affected as piles cause discomfort and itching. Treatment may be required as it is Hemorrhoidal disease. Piles is a common condition, but most of them feel annoyed to talk about it to their doctors.

It is a common condition, but many people are too embarrassed to see their doctor about it until the pain or discomfort becomes unbearable, or when there is bleeding, causing worry that it may be something more serious.

Constipation, unbearable pain in the anus during a bowel movement,  red-colored discharge or Haemorrhage along with stools, discharge of mucus, and a few more are the symptoms of piles. Many reasons can cause Piles, some of them are weak rectal veins and walls due to aging, diarrhea, straining and sitting in the toilet for the longest time, chronic constipation, unhealthy food habits, obesity can cause piles.

Arterial blood hyper flow causes swelling in the swellings in hemorrhoids, hyperplasia and venous congestion consequently.

Hemorrhoids (Piles) – Treatments

The treatment of piles depends on the severity and the type of symptoms affecting the patient. Simple preventive measures include having a balanced diet and adequate water intake to allow regular bowel movement without straining. If this doesn’t help, other treatments available include:

Oral medications or topical suppositories. Small bleeding piles can be treated with this process.

Ligation. This rubber band treatment works effectively on internal hemorrhoids which can protrude bowel movement. The blood supply is cut-off with the help of a small rubber-band. As the band and hemorrhoids fall apart in a few days the wound takes one or two weeks to heal. This procedure sometimes produces mild discomfort and bleeding.

Injection. In this procedure, a chemical injection is injected by the doctor into hemorrhoid, causing it to dry and eventually fall off. This is a painless treatment when compared to the others.  

Piles that are not prolapsed can be ligated or injected. These are done in the outpatient clinic and do not require hospitalization. But these procedures may not be beneficial and may need more than one treatment.

Laser Treatment for Piles:

Method: This Laser Treatment doesn’t need anesthesia, terminal arterioles of the upper rectal artery are identified by a Doppler transducer (20 MHz probe 3 mm) placed on a specially designed proctoscope. After identification, it promotes arteriolar electrofulguration at 980 nm fiber laser diode, causing interruption of hemorrhoidal flow. This procedure is repeated circumferentially, following the clockwise positions.

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