Listen to what our patients have to say!

I had been suffering from fissure for about 8 years before Stopiles. I had been to various hospitals, consulted many doctors and tried different medicines but nothing had helped. Just when I was losing hope, I heard about Stopiles. I am happy and relieved to say that after treatment at Stopiles, it is completely cured and I feel great.

A.Prabhakar  Secunderabad

My fissure has healed and there is no bleeding or pain while passing stools. Your treatment has definitely helped a lot.

K.Nagaraju  Vijayawada

An excellent facility with fantastic value. The diagnostic procedure was meticulous, professional and comprehensive. I felt very reassured.

C.Satyanarayana Goud  Hyderabad

You cannot imagine how it feels when after 10 years of pain you can walk again normally without any discomfort . It’s like a whole new beginning. I am so happy, Thanks to Stopiles!

V.Hanumantha Rao  Hyderabad

I have a sales job which involves a lot of travelling. With the onset of piles, life became very difficult; travelling was extremely painful and taking off from work wasn’t possible. Treatment at Stopiles came as blessing. It was painless and has no downtime, which meant I could get back to work immediately.

Mr.K.Sridhar  Hyderabad

I suffered from hemorrhoids (piles) for almost eight years and things became worse after my first pregnancy. In addition to my ‘bundle of joy’, I also had to deal with piles. My brother recommended Stopiles. Everything we heard about Stopiles was true! The procedure was completely painless and we couldn’t have been happier. With that put behind, I am now enjoying my second pregnancy without any discomfort.

Kalpana  Warangal

Till I walked into Stopiles I had no idea that my dietary habits could be the reason for my hemorrhoids. Along with the medical procedure doctors at Stopiles analyze and understand your lifestyle and recommend long term changes. My regular diet was mainly non vegetarian with very low fiber intake. After my treatment at Stopiles Clinic, I was recommended a well balanced diet with ample fibers and nutrients. Other than treating hemorrhoids Stopiles has also introduced me to a healthier lifestyle. Thanks to Stopiles!

C.Venkateswarlu  Hyderabad

If you do not want to have open wounds and no want to recover quick, the best option for prolapsed piles is HAL/RAR

Christina  Nalgonda

HAL/RAR procedure has been extremely effective and I would highly recommend it to those suffering from prolapsed piles. I am glad I chose HAL/RAR instead of the conventional haemorrhoidectomy as there was not cutting.

Sujatha  Nampally

I had always been nervous and embarrassed to talk to anybody about hemorrhoids (Piles). Although it caused me discomfort for years I didn’t do anything about it until the bleeding started. When I read about the Stopiles facility here I decided to make a visit. The whole experience put me at ease and I was able to discuss my problem with the doctor. He spent time explaining the problem and also took me through the technology and the procedures at Stopiles. Sure enough, the procedure lived up to his word. And I’m so glad to be free of hemorrhoids.

L.Venkat Reddy  Secundrabad

For 7 years, I suffered from piles, silently, not informing my family and only taking advice from family physician. I underwent great pain, and it seemed that only surgery was the way out of it. Fortunately, someone suggested stopiles, and I decided to try it out since I was desperate for a cure. So, I spoke to the doctors, scheduled appointments, and started treatment. Been almost a year now I am piles and pain free, and very happy. Very grateful to the team at stopiles.

K Narsimha  Abids

I remember walking into stopiles, very nervous, and in great pain for prolapsed haemorroids. I was almost certain I would need painful surgery. But the doctors explained to me that treatment was possible without surgery. I was relieved, and went through the treatment. Now I am pain free, and living life as I should! Thanks to stopiles!

A Abdul  Yousufguda

My job involved sitting at a desk for long hours on end, and I had no idea this could be the causes of an anal fissure. In the beginning, I ignored it, but as the pain grew worse, I decided to get medical attention. I chose stopiles because it is a speciality clinic, with great reputation for treating ano-rectal diseases. I consulted the doctors, and got my treatment done from there. I am back to normal now, pain free and happy! Thank you stopiles!

M Madhav  Dilsukhnagar

I have been suffering from piles for past 3 years, but never visited a doctor apart from family doctor because I felt ashamed about it. But when I heard of stopiles I decided to speak to the experts there because it is a speciality clinic exclusively for ano-rectal diseases. I was very happy with the treatment I received. I would like to thank the doctors at stopiles for returning me back to good health.

K Suman  Kukatpally

Suffering from piles for the past 5 years, and having tried different methods of treatment that didnt work, I was initially apprehensive when I approached the doctors here at Stopiles. But when I underwent treatment I was extremely satisfied with the way things worked out. I am now piles and pain free! Thank you stopiles!

PV Rao  Adarsh Nagar

I have seen an incredible difference after treatment at Stopiles. The swelling is down and the bleeding is virtually non-existent. I have no burning or itching sensation and I am able to eat spicy food nowadays.

M.Govardhan  Secunderabad