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Treating Your Fissure Right

Piles Treatment can range from a simple home remedy to a sophistical surgical procedure and many people choose the home remedy first. However, your condition might be sufficiently advanced to require immediate professional medical care to save you from further discomfort and disruption.

NAME: Ms. Swathi Reddy

AGE: 27

It’s been four years I’m suffering from little pain and sometimes it bleeds. Later some clump like things started protruding out from my back passage, I thought it may be Piles. I was busy in searching for a job and I didn’t concentrate much on my problem. Later, I was placed in Bangalore and I used to have lots of work stress and couldn’t find time for myself to consult a doctor. Day by day my pain became more severe and unbearable and then I started searching for the hospitals, which provide treatment for piles. I came across Stopiles Clinic in TIMES OF INDIA, that gave great reviews about the clinic and the treatment.

On April 13, 2015, I came to Stopiles Clinic and consulted the doctor about my problem, I thought it is Piles but after proper examination by the doctor, I came to know it is a fissure. Doctor prescribed me internal sphincterotomy and I came back on April 14, 2015, for the procedure. I was admitted at 10.30 and spinal anesthesia given to me at 11.00 am after a few minutes they started internal sphincterotomy, the procedure held for almost 30 minutes and I was on anesthesia for another 3 hours post operation. After a couple more hours I felt fine and got discharged by the doctor with some instructions given in the discharge summary.

My suggestion to anyone who is reading it, you should consult a hemorrhoid specialist at the first signs of anal bleeding. This way, your condition can be diagnosed at an early stage and promptly treated with the least amount of inconvenience to you. Stopiles Clinic gives you the best solution to or your problem.


For a Piles Free Life – Across Borders

Many people today suffer from hemorrhoids. To make things worse, 55% of them don’t even know it yet. The main reason being they can’t see or notice any irregularities in their daily life until the hemorrhoids get aged.

NAME: Mrs. Amina Warsame

AGE: 42

Country: Saudi Arabia

I’m from Saudi Arabia, and I had hemorrhoids for the last 30 years with little pain and sometimes it bleeds which is dark red in color. I was not aware of my problem properly, it became severe and I started looking for better treatment. Then, I found a clinic called Stopiles through the Internet, and I got most of the details of the treatment from their website. As my problem started becoming more severe I thought of visiting India for the treatment at STOPILES for hemorrhoids.

Because I can speak only Arabic and none of the Indian languages, before coming to India, I arranged a woman translator (a hospital staff from Saudi Arabia) to help me communicate with doctors and hospital staff. I came to India on April 6th, 2015 and on April 7th I went to see a doctor in STOPILES clinic. The doctor examined me and prescribed Infrared Coagulation (IRC) Therapy and some medicines. On the same day, I took my IRC first sitting and came after a week for second sitting that is on April 13, 2015.

I’m writing this after an immediate day of my IRC second sitting and I am already feeling fine with no pain and no bleeding.

My suggestion to anyone who is ignoring Hemorrhoids problems, Internal Hemorrhoids do not cure on their own. One needs to give special attention to this problem and try to get them removed as soon as possible. Stopiles is a great place to reduce your pain for the hemorrhoids.


Living a Piles Free Life

The common people call them piles, the one who have a bit knowledge on medical terms call them hemorrhoids, the French call them figs – what does it matter so long as you can cure them?

NAME : Ms. Rajeshwari

I’m 28 years old, fairly healthy girl. Last year, I noticed rectal prolapse and suspected of hemorrhoids with severe burning sensation, painful defecation, prolapsed piles, constipation, and peri-anal bleeding discharge. I tried homeopathy medicines for 3 months, which didn’t cause much difference with my rectal prolapse, but my pain got reduced a bit.

Later I came to know about Stopiles through my friend who was earlier treated in the same clinic for hemorrhoids grade 2 and her feedback about the clinic influenced me to visit the clinic once. I went to the clinic on Wednesday April 8, 2015 and consulted the doctor, who diagnosed my problem as hemorrhoids grade3 and prescribed me for DG HAL RAR and asked me to start the procedure as soon as I can, because with every passing day it would get more severe and would lead to heavy bleeding and unbearable pain. I decided to start the procedure at the earliest. Gave my blood and urine samples for further study, on April 11, 2015. I went to the clinic with a hope of cure and was admitted into the clinic, the doctor came after an hour and started the procedure with spinal anesthesia. During the procedure, my body below abdomen got numb and was completely painless, however, I could talk to the doctor while the procedure is going on. It took almost 20 minutes and I slept better right away after surgery. At 5 pm I felt little pain but it’s bearable and got discharged from the clinic. The doctor provided instructions for diet and medication to follow for the next two months. I still have little pain in my back passage but it is much better compared to earlier.The doctor said its temporary and I will be completely relieved of the pain very soon. Now, I’m on the medication prescribed by doctor hoping for recuperation.

I’m very pleased and impressed with the job they’ve done; there is a peaceful environment in the clinic. I think they genuinely care and build that confidence in every patient.