Haemorrhoids are commonly associated with piles, which many of us have but failed to notice in absence of any hitch. They are mass of tissues filled with blood vessels and muscles, cushiony in texture and appear in bunch in the anal canal. The problem starts when these haemorrhoids develop in size and become the seat of inflammation. In such cases, the clusters begin to enlarge and become inflamed and give rise to piles otherwise known as pathological haemorrhoids.

Based on their location inside or outside the anus, haemorrhoids can be internal or external, internal ones being more widespread. External haemorrhoids are called perianal hematoma, present at the exterior edge of anus, can be extremely itchy if blood clots form inside them and require immediate clinical attention.

Internal piles again are graded as:

  • Grade 1: not visible, minute inflammatory mass inside anal lining
  • Grade 2: larger than former and pushed outside while defecating but move back
  • Grade 3: commonly termed as prolapsed haemorrhoids, these masses hang out and can be forced inside through pressure of finger
  • Grade 4: these are invariably the largest in size and most bothering, always appear outside the anal sphincter


The chances of having inflamed haemorrhoids increases with age and the propensity of inheriting the problem are quite likely. The vessels supplying blood to anal and rectal region swell up due to pressure created from stretching, giving rise to inflamed veins. The causes can be attributed to:/p>

  • Persistent constipation
  • Carrying heavy weights
  • Pregnancy
  • Incessant diarrhoea
  • Applying too much strain during defecation

Physical examination is conducted by doctors manually, using digital device or a proctoscope. Tissue samples are collected and sent for testing to diagnose the problem evidently


In majority of cases haemorrhoids are harmless and disappear over time or remain without symptoms. However, when the clumps grow in size and block the anal canal, besides inflammation there are other issues that arise, creating large amount of discomfort in daily life. The common symptoms of piles are:

  • Comparatively soft lump becomes harder and painful around the exterior part of anus due to blood coagulation, which is also called as thrombosed external haemorrhoid
  • Even after regular toilet visits, there remains undying urge to defecate.
  • Blood and mucus discharge in toilet along with pain while emptying bowel
  • Constant itching sensation in anal area
  • Anal region becomes sore and turns red due to itching and constant pressure

In extreme cases which are statically 10% of those having complains of piles need to undergo surgery to remove large external or Grade 3 and 4 internal haemorrhoids.

Current Treatments

Doctors advise on diets that are high on fibre and soft food items for better bowel movements that ease the constipation in addition to excess intake of water and fluid substances. In parallel patients are counselled on weight loss if obese, not lift heavy items or avoid straining while passing stools. Over the counter medication is helpful to solve the common mildly inflamed haemorrhoids such as ointments, pads and other redness and itchiness reducing creams. Laxative is another means for patients experiencing constipation. Banding, sclerotherapy and infrared coagulation are some more methods wherein the outgrowth is disrupted of blood supply or injecting medicine to shrink or using infrared light devices to burn the mass. There are surgical methods such as haemorrhoidectomy and stapling for acute cases where above mentioned therapies fall short or if the patient is in excruciating pain and suffering from a longer duration.

If ignored for long piles may cause anaemia due excessive blood loss or strangulation of the haemorrhoids resulting in gangrene. At Koya Stopiles Clinic, the team of experts have latest methods and techniques to not only cure piles but also prevent recurrence through accurate diagnosis and assured accountability through patient’s diet and lifestyle counselling paving way to hassle free recovery.

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