Piles Treatment

Piles or haemorrhoids are swellings that develop in and around the anal passage; can be temporary or permanent with mild to excruciating pain. The network of blood vessels that supply blood to the anal canal lining and adjoining parts enlarge when more than normal amount of blood gets engorged, which further give rise to smaller swollen nodes type of protruded mass. Piles can form mainly due to constipation that results in excessive pressure in the anal canal while emptying bowels, pregnancy wherein the growing uterus lays pressure on the ano-rectal part, age factor wherein the anal lining becomes less cushiony as a person grows older or due to heredity reasons. Haemorrhoids are classified into grades based on their size, location and severity.

Piles are diagnosed once a doctor evaluates the associated problems and symptoms, followed by a physical examination of the anal passage manually or using a proctoscope. Based on the grade of piles, an appropriate treatment is designed. Common practices to alleviate piles are consumption of lots of fluids, passing stools without delay whenever an urge is felt, have plenty of fibre based food products, and use fibre based supplements. In case of extreme pain, painkillers are prescribed. Topical ointments and creams soothe the pain and ease the discomfort. Steroid creams are helpful in relieving pain, inflammation, swelling and itching. Suppositories also ease the pain and itch to an extent. However, these methods only help in easing the symptoms but not cure the haemorrhoids. Most often grades 3 and 4 piles need additional surgical intervention for permanent cure.

Banding :

Used for grades 3 and 4 piles and sometimes for grade 1 piles, the haemorrhoids are tightly stuck with a rubber band at the base to nick the blood supply to the swollen portion. Within a few days the haemorrhoids droop and drop off with a scar left behind at the spot. This is a simple procedure performed by a surgeon in an outpatient clinic. Banding is painless since the piles that are inside the anal canal are banded and the inner lining is resistant to pain. Most times, banding is quite effective but fails to provide cure when it leads to bleeding, ulcers or infection at the site.

Banding of Haemorrhoids: hemroidcream.org

Injection :

Similar to banding principle, a phenol in oil solution is injected into the haemorrhoid tissues at the base to eliminate the blood supply through scarring, so that the piles die slowly and fall off.

Infra-red Coagulation Therapy :

An infrared energy source is used to cut off the blood supply by burning the vessels and shrink the piles in size. The therapy is effective.

Haemorrhoidectomy :

The conventional age old method is to surgically remove the swollen piles that fail to show results through injection or banding. The method is safe and quite successful; however, a person has to go through severe pain during the post-operative phase for some days.

Stapled Haemorrhoidopexy :

A circular stapling gun is used to remove a part of the anal lining right above the piles which helps pull up the haemorrhoids into the anal canal and reduce the blood supply to the piles that eventually again shrinks the mass. Though the procedure is similar to haemorrhoidectomy to remove the piles, yet the pain that entails is comparatively very low and the procedure is also less invasive.

HAL RAR Procedure :

Minimally invasive and least painful with early recovery, Haemorrhoidal Artery Ligation and Recto Anal Repair is the latest procedure in treating all types of haemorrhoids. The ligation procedure is used to cut off the arterial blood supply to the cushiony mass of piles using a RAR Flexi probe. The process is quite easy, friendly, and safe with no post-operative infections or ulcers and quite an effective way to cure the piles problem.

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